Market Price: $1.67
Change Percent: -1.18%


Market Price: $1.23
Change Percent: 0.00%



Market Price: $1.67
Change Percent: -1.18%
Day's Range: $1.67 - $1.70
Volume: 51,080



Amex Exploration is proud to be part of the 2021 OTCQX Best 50, ranking number 12 out of 50 stocks in different business sectors. Amex Exploration stock trades under the stock symbol AMXEF on the OTCQX. Being part of the top-performing companies is a validation of the Company’s exploration efforts and successful execution of its business plan.

The ranking has been calculated based on the weight of one year worth of total return and equal parts the average daily dollar volume growth from the previous calendar year. Amex Exploration is one of many gold stocks that trade on the OTCQX, but in 2021 it was one of the best performing gold stocks that year.

Amex Exploration’s Main Listing on The TSX Venture.

The Amex Exploration stock price can be found through its listing on the TSX Venture under the stock symbol Amx. The Amex Exploration stock price changes daily for a current stock price please consult the TSX Venture listing AMX.V.

What is the TSX Venture?

TSX Venture was created in 1999, based on an agreement between Vancouver, Alberta, Toronto, and Montreal exchanges. The goal was to restructure, along the lines of business specialization, the Canadian capital markets. Initially known as the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX), it was bought and renamed TSX Venture by the TSX group based in Toronto.

Since 2021, there are 1,600 companies listed with TSX Venture. These include a number of junior mining companies and junior gold mining companies like Amex Exploration (AMX). There are a number of junior gold stocks on the TSX Venture including AMX.